Risk Not Taken – The risk we took, the chance we met


Risk Not Taken, a choice we make,
A chance we miss, a path we forsake.
For every choice, there’s a consequence,
A road not taken, a life left hence.

The fear of failure holds us back,
The comfort zone, the beaten track.
But what if we took a leap of faith,
And ventured forth, to find our place?

The risk not taken, may seem safe,
But in the end, it’s a wasted space.
For life is short, and time is fleeting,
And opportunities lost, are always regretting.

The worst of what could happen, we fear,
But what if success is waiting near?
The dreams we have, the goals we seek,
Are within our reach, if only we take a leap.

The risk not taken, may seem secure,
But what if life has so much more?
The treasures found, the lessons learned,
Are worth the risk, when we have earned.

So, take the chance, the leap of faith,
And let the fear, be replaced by grace.
For in the end, we will not regret,
The risk we took, the chance we met.

The dangers of life are infinite,

and among them is safety

— Goethe

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