The Trap of Comparison: Letting Go of Control and Embracing Life’s Timing

Comparison is a game, a trap we often fall, As we measure our worth against others, we feel small. But the truth is, each of us is on our own path, And our journey’s unique, a story meant to last. We look at others, see their success and fame, And feel we’re lagging, playing a losing game. But what we don’t see is the work they put in, Their struggles and hardships, the battles...


In the depths of sleep, a vision appearsA dream, a hope, to calm our fearsIt knows no bounds, no limits setFor every dream, a chance to forget It whispers in our ear at nightA world of possibility in sightIt takes us to a land so farWhere troubles fade, like a shooting star There’s no such thing as an exclusive dreamFor every soul, a chance to redeemA life that’s filled with joy and...

The Visionary’s Treasure Trove – The Value of Vision is not always clear

The Value of Vision is not always clear, But without it, we may disappear. For where there is no vision, so they say, The people wander aimlessly, and lose their way. Vision is the light that guides us through the dark, It gives us hope, and ignites the spark. A spark that turns into a flame, And fills our hearts with passion and acclaim. Without vision, we stumble in the night, Lost and...


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