In the depths of sleep, a vision appears
A dream, a hope, to calm our fears
It knows no bounds, no limits set
For every dream, a chance to forget

It whispers in our ear at night
A world of possibility in sight
It takes us to a land so far
Where troubles fade, like a shooting star

There’s no such thing as an exclusive dream
For every soul, a chance to redeem
A life that’s filled with joy and peace
Where worries fade, and fears decrease

To dream is to live a life fulfilled
A chance to soar, to spread our wings and build
A future bright, with endless hope
Where dreams come true, and we can cope

So close your eyes, and let it in
The dream that waits, just within
For every heart, a dream that’s true
A chance to live, a life anew.

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Every sunrise begins with new eyes

— Richie Norton

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