no NEED TO POUT: start celebrating your own journey


Comparison is a game you can never win,
A race where no one comes out as the kingpin.
The more you strive to be like others,
The more your own journey suffers.

Each life is unique, with its own pace,
So why not learn to appreciate your own race?
Stop measuring yourself by others’ success,
And instead focus on your own progress.

Trust the timing of your life, my dear,
Things will happen when they’re meant to, don’t fear.
The universe has a plan for us all,
And when the time is right, you’ll stand tall.

So, stop looking at others with envy and doubt,
And start celebrating your own journey, no need to pout.
You have your own path to follow and fulfill,
So embrace it with joy, and let your heart thrill.

In the end, it’s not about who’s ahead or behind,
But how you lived and the memories you’ll find.
Comparison is a game you can never win,
But loving your own journey is a sure win.

Life is a journey, when we stop, things don’t go right.

– Pope Francis

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